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GeoPlunge: An Award Winning US Geography Game

GeoPlunge: An Award Winning US Geography Game

GeoPlunge can be played at school or at home, allowing children to gain critical thinking skills as well as gaining knowledge about the United States.

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13th Annual GeoPlunge Tournament

13th Annual GeoPlunge Tournament

November 14, 2017 • DC Public Schools city-wide tournament at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery


LearningPlunge News: What People Are Saying

LearningPlunge News: What People Are Saying

Take a look here at what other people are blogging, writing, tagging and hashtagging about GeoPlunge. Take it from them, GeoPlunge really is fun!

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Learn US Geography

Learn over 1,000 facts about US geography in a fun and engaging way.

Develop Critical Thinking and Strategic Analysis

GeoPlunge is more than just facts – it fosters strategic and critical thinking skills.

Many Games in Each Box

You can play numerous games at all levels with each GeoPlunge set.

Easy to Learn

The most basic games are easy to learn and the more complex games build off the easy ones.

GeoPlunge is Fun

Many kids have asked to skip recess because they want to keep playing GeoPlunge – it’s that much fun!

Compete in Tournaments Or Play at Home

GeoPlunge is fun for families, friends, classrooms, and larger tournaments. We’ve had city-wide school tournaments in Washington, D.C. for over a decade. Contact us to start a tournament in your city.

Our Games

GeoPlunge is our first game – more are on the way so stay tuned. See below for a few examples of the many games you can play with a set of GeoPlunge.

State IQ

Play the Ranks

Chummy Challenge

In this game, each player or team tries to guess the other players’ card after receiving clues. Whoever guesses the other sides’ card with the fewest clues wins. Clues are drawn from cards and include the capital, cities in the states, states that border the state, when the state entered the Union, who was President when the state entered the Union, etc.

Test your knowledge of state size, population and entry into the Union while playing a game that includes strategy and critical thinking. Beginners play the game face up and more advanced players play with the cards face down so that players have to know the order without looking.

In this trivia game, you will learn about rivers, lakes, mountains, parks, US territories, history and sports-related geography and much more.

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