Educational U.S. Geography Game

GeoPlunge is a set of cards with which you can play multiple games that teach US geography, strategy, teamwork and creativity in a fun and interactive way. You will have a blast learning state capitals, cites in each state, state borders, the order the states entered the Union, the rankings of the states in size and population. You can also learn landmarks, mountains, some historical facts and so much more while playing this fun and interactive game.

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Learn US Geography

Learn over 1,000 facts about US geography in a fun and engaging way.

Develop Critical Thinking and Strategic Analysis

GeoPlunge is more than just facts – it fosters strategic and critical thinking skills.

Many Games in Each Box

You can play numerous games at all levels with each GeoPlunge set.

Easy to Learn

The most basic games are easy to learn and the more complex games build off the easy ones.

GeoPlunge is Fun

Many kids have asked to skip recess because they want to keep playing GeoPlunge – it’s that much fun!

Compete in Tournaments or Play at Home

GeoPlunge is fun for families, friends, classrooms, and larger tournaments. We’ve had city-wide school tournaments in Washington, D.C. for over a decade. Contact us to start a tournament in your city.

GeoPlunge offers a great way for my children to learn without the feeling of being taught.

It can be played at school or at home, allowing children to gain critical thinking skills as well as gaining knowledge about the United States.