Spring GeoPlunge Tournament

New Cards, New Rules, New Winners In GeoPlunge Tournaments

New GeoPlunge cards offer more information and more opportunities for learning. There are questions about the students’ hometown of Washington, DC, and there is information about bodies of water, additional geographic features, and sports.

Last November, 30 schools and 280 students competed in the GeoPlunge Tournament at the National Portrait Gallery. Some of the younger students who had been playing GeoPlunge for only a few weeks found the more sophisticated set of games a little overwhelming. But others met new challenges with enthusiasm and success. Deal was the champion at the middle school level, and Murch took top honors among elementary schools.

The teams that did not earn enough points during the morning tournament rounds were divided into two divisions that spent the afternoon competing for comeback prizes. Janney Elementary School was the winner in one division, and Hyde-Addison and Ross Elementary Schools were co- champions in the other division.

During the spring GeoPlunge Tournament on May 17th, 20 schools and 120 students participated. Allowing teams to enter the basic, intermediate, or advanced divisions, made it possible for all students to compete at their comfort levels.

Bruce Monroe at Park View Elementary School became the champion of the Basic Division, Stoddert Elementary School won the Intermediate Division, and Kelly Miller Middle School took top honors in the Advanced Division.

The inventor of GeoPlunge is Alan Fishel, a partner at Arent Fox. His law rm, together with the Committee’s School Partnership Program and the DC Public Schools sponsor the tournaments. Numerous law rms coach and sponsor GeoPlunge tournament teams.

Save the dates for the Fall 2016 GeoPlunge Tournament, which will take place on November 15, and the Spring 2017 tournament scheduled for May 16th. Both tournaments will be held at the National Portrait Gallery.