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LearningPlunge, Inc. is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC that develops fun and informative card games for children and students to help them learn about United States geography. GeoPlunge also teaches children communication skills and sportsmanship, in addition to social studies and spatial knowledge. GeoPlunge games are easy to learn and can be played at home, in school, or at one of our tournaments.

November 14, 2017
D.C. Public Schools Spring Tournament at the National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian Institution.

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November 15, 2017
Multi-School Tournament in St. Louis, MO

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With more than 10 years of experience, our designers carefully crafted GeoPlunge to merge critical thinking with substantiate learning.

Not only do the children learn a tremendous amount of US geography, they also develop important critical thinking skills. Our games resonate with all kinds of learners, from the smartest kid in class to the students who struggle to pay attention. Our goal is to spread GeoPlunge into suburban and urban schools all across the nation.